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Do you also wander around with a dream of making your sneakers ”all black”? Well, now you have a chance to make that dream come true. With this All Black Kit you’ll get everything you need to customize your own shoes. Whether it’s Boost material or leather that you want to paint, this kit is everything you need!

Penetrating dye has become popular in the sneaker community due to its extreme durability. The color doesn’t rub off, and it’s incredibly hardwearing. The product can be used on material such as plastic, rubber, and Boost soles. The color won’t crack nor will it fade as time goes by. If you wish, apply a layer of regular black sneaker paint to the sole of your shoe after you’ve used the penetrating dye to give the color an even better finish.

Watch this video for further information on how to use the products:

 This kit contains: 

1 x Penetrating dye

1 x Super Black

1 x Rope laces (For 1 pair of shoes)

1 x Gold aglets (For 1 pair of shoes)

1 x Black sneaker paint

There is enough product in this kit for approximately 5 custom pairs – with the exception of the rope laces and aglets.