KarlsKicks cleaning foam

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KarlsKicks cleaning foam can be used on leather, suede and various of other textiles. That makes the cleaning foam from Karlskicks suitable for each and everyone of your sneakers! It cleans your shoe, removes salt- and water splotches and washes the dirt away!

How to use:

Remove the worst dirt with a dry cloth. Thoroughly shake the can with Cleaning Foam and apply the foam on a brush or a sponge (https://goo.gl/SRt42w). Now, with the brush or the sponge, start rubbing on your shoe. Use light and careful strokes, and keep on going until your shoe is clean. Rinse with water. For the best possible result, finish with a Nano treatment with our KarlsKicks nano protector (https://goo.gl/TbI4vc).