Custom Sneakers

Welcome to Karls Kicks! On this page, all of our custom sneakers are displayed. We offer an extremely wide range of custom sneakers, and for that reason, we also guarantee that you will find a pair of custom sneakers here at Karls Kicks that you will fall in love with. Amongst other brands, we offer an exciting range of Nike and Vans sneakers. So, if you’re crazy about the popular Nike Air Force 1 sneaker, you’ll find it in a unique design right here. Our designs are not just designs – they are art. That is also the reason you will be envied a lot, if you run around town with our custom sneakers on your feet. So, if you’re looking for a new pair of sneakers, you have come to the right place. Explore our wide range of custom sneakers today – you will not be disappointed!

Custom sneakers with completely unique designs

We create new and exciting custom sneakers every day, and we post them all on out social media, Facebook and Instagram. If you want to seek inspiration for your custom sneaker design, you can therefore visit us on our social media pages. With that said, we only create custom sneakers after order, and some of our artwork that you see on social media will not be able for orders due to copyright. If you are in doubt about a certain design that you have seen on our social media, feel free to call us up and ask about it. We create custom sneakers in both black and white. For that reason, it does not matter what color your favorite sneakers have – we will guaranteed be able to make a great design on them.

Lay the perfect touch on your outfit

With our amazing custom sneakers, you have the chance to perfect your outfit. And if that’s what you’re looking for, then you have come to the right place. We create custom sneakers in every style, and for that reason, we’re pretty sure that we will be able to make a pair of sneakers that you will fall in love with. With the best custom sneakers on your feet, your sneakers game will always right on point!

If you ever come to Copenhagen, do feel free to visit our physical sneakers store in the center of Copenhagen. Here you will have the chance to watch all of our custom sneakers with your own eyes, and you will likewise have the chance to have your old school sneakers fixed. We have created the perfect store for everyone who loves sneakers, and we promise that our sale game is strong!

Get a wide range of custom sneakers at Karls Kicks

So, if you’re in doubt – we offer the widest range of custom sneakers that you will ever come by. However, our range of custom sneakers are not only wide. No, it is also extremely exciting, and we guarantee that any sneaker lover will find the perfect pair of sneakers here at Karls Kicks. A pair of custom sneakers is also the perfect idea for a gift to anyone you love. If you buy your custom sneakers here at Karls Kicks, whether it is for yourself or a friend, we will make sure that you are offered a great deal along the way. 

High quality service and express delivery

We, at Karls Kicks, want nothing more than to make you happy. For that reason, we always offer high quality service and express delivery. Likewise, our customer service are always ready to help! So, if you buy some custom sneakers here at our online sneaker shop, we will make sure to help you in the best way possible. Furthermore, we are always prepared to help you, if you are in doubt about a specific sneaker painting or a specific kind of sneaker design. Our only wish is that you bring home the right custom sneakers, so you can walk around in them like a total pro.

If you have any questions, you can therefore contact our customer service here at our online sneaker store for help and guidance. Call us on +45 28 93 53 75 or write us an email at – we will look forward to hearing from you!