Sneaker Restoration

Do you have a pair of sneakers that need refreshing? At KarlsKicks® we take pride in giving sneakers new life. With more than 6 years of experience in restoration, we have built up expert knowledge on all kinds of sneakers, boots, shoes, and materials. By cleaning, painting, and restoring your sneakers, you get a pair of "new" sneakers without having to buy a new pair. That’s the sustainable way to go!

The restoration work on the shoes is durable and waterproof.

Call KarlsKicks® on +45 28935375 or send us an email for a non-binding offer. A full restpre is aorund 750 dkk. The price varies according to material and condition.

See all our work on YouTube, Instagram or Facebook by following “KarlsKicks”.

After making an agreement with us, please ship the shoes to the address below, and add a note in the package stating your full name, return address, e-mail and phone number.

KarlsKicks ApS

Sankt Peders Straede 47

1453 Copenhagen K