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The Copenhagen sneaker Concept Store

When you visit our store, it's not just another store that sells fast sneakers with a big profit. KarlsKicks wants to contribute to sneaker culture and do away with the use and throw away culture and our rampant overconsumption. Therefore, you will meet an experience shop where we clean, restore, design, further develop and recreate unique sneakers. We call it Copenhagen sneaker Concept Store - an experience store where you will find all the best of sneaker culture.

Extend your sneakers lifetime in the shop

Walk-in cleaning station at KarlsKicks

If you're on the go and need to get clean sneakers now, we offer walk-in sneaker cleaning for only 49 DKK. For our VIP customers, bubbles can be offered while we clean and care, giving our love to your sneakers. sneakers.

Drop off your spend sneakers

Get a gift card of up to 150 kroner

If you come into our store and drop off your spending sneakersyou will receive a gift card of minimum 50 DKK (up to 150 DKK) which you can use to buy products on our webshop or in the store.

We clean and refurbish your used sneakers and in collaboration with Gadens Børn, 50% of the profits from sales are donated to those who need it most. The profit goes to vulnerable street children in Calcutta, India. Can we not sell your sneakers in our store, then we send them on to Gadens Børns own recycling shop.

*requires that the condition of your sneakers is minimum cond 5/10, and without defects, holes or major wear and tear and damage.

Nespresso/drinks/bubbly for VIP customers In the heart of Copenhagen Drop in Sneaker cleaning


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Studiestræde 25
1455 Copenhagen K

Telephone number+45 3210 6666

Mon - Fri: 12:00 - 18:00
Saturday: 10:00 - 18:00
Sunday for special events