Care of sneakers and boots

Whether it is boots or sneakers, it is always important to take care of your shoes. It helps to extend the life of your shoes, while saving you money and eliminating the need to buy new shoes.

The everyday trick is to always unlace your laces so you don't have to push your foot into the shoe. For this, it's also a good idea to use a shoe horn.

It's also important to regularly wipe dirt and grime off your shoes. sneakers with a brush or cloth and give them a basic shoe polish, as the guide below shows

Extend the life of your shoes The environment is spared The shoe looks well cared for

How to clean your sneakers


Get your shoes cleaned at our store

In our shop you can have your shoes cleaned in our walk in cleaning station. The waiting time is short and you come out with shoes that are ready for the rigours of the near future.

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