Kaps camo pack paints

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Sneaker painting can be used on every type of fabric, and of every kind of leather. Paint your sneakers, and let your imagination go wild. The painting is water repellent and is specially made for sneakers. Apply the painting in thin layers, until you reach the colour you wish to keep. Let the painting dry for 15 minutes before applying the next layer. When finished, you should let your sneakers dry for 2-3 hours.

This kit contains:

- 1x Light Brown

- 1x Biscuit

- 1x Olive Green

- 1x Brown

How to use:

Clean your sneakers and let them dry completely. THOROUGHLY shake the painting before use. The painting should be applied in thin layers for better durability, and to avoid the painting to run.

It’s possible to mix the colours to create your own unique colour.

25 ml.