Kaps custom kit paints

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  • 249 DKK

The perfect composed set of 5 colours, at the perfect price.

Do you have a dream of making your own and truly unique sneakers? Then this custom starter kit is exactly what you need! It’s a quick, easy and not least a cheap way to get started. With this kit you’re on your way to a place, where the imagination is the only limit as to what you can create.

This kit consist of:

1 x Red sneaker paint
1 x Black sneaker paint
1 x White sneaker paint
1 x Wisky sneaker paint
1 x Olive green sneaker pain

The paint can be used on all materials. The best result in regard to trueness of colour is achieved when painting on leather and flyknit/primeknit, though.

It’s possible to mix the colours to create your own unique colour.

This paint is the same as the one that we use on the customs that we create. To see our customs, visit our Facebook-page: Karlskicks.