Small cleaning kit

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  • 249 DKK

This kit is for everyone serious about their cleaning game. The kit contains state of the art sneaker cleaning products, and at a more than fair price! Avoid the expensive brands, and get amazing value for your money.

KarlsKicks cleaning foam and KarlsKicks nano protector works on ALL kinds of material, even suede. Protect your sneakers before going out. That way, they will be much easier to clean afterwards.

After receiving the kit, you can start using the products right away. Follow the guidance on the product for the best result.

This kit contains: 

1 x KarlsKicks nano protector

1 x KarlsKicks cleaning foam

1 x Microfiber cloth

1 x Kaps odour eliminator

Add a 3-in-1 brush ( or a cleaning sponge ( for maximum effect of the products in this kit. 

With normal and regular use, this kit will last approximately 3 months.