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Odor Remover Spray

€8,95 EUR

If you would like to avoid smelling shoes when taking in town this odor remover spray is for you. Use this spray in both of your shoes and leave them overnight to replace the smell with a fragrant scent.

The product contains active silver particles that remove the smell from your shoes without coloring or affecting the shoe.



Smart and effective odor remover for shoes

If you have experienced having smelling shoes this product is something for you. This shoe odor remover contains active silver particles that go down into the shoe and remove the smell. In addition, it also adds a fragrant scent to the shoe. Use this shoe spray in the evening and leave them overnight for maximum effect. See also our scent balls for shoes.


How to use the product

  1. Remove the soles from the shoe and wash them
  2. Spray 1-2 spray in each shoe
  3. Let the shoes stand for a few hours or over night

    If you have had a pair of shoes that you have been wearing for a long time or have had sports in, then you should know that your shoes are smelling. Here it can be difficult to know how to remove the smell again from the shoe. Here you can, for example, use our odor remover for shoes. It is a spray that you can use to spray into the shoe to remove the smell. Before using our shoes Odor Remover, it is best to first remove the shoe soles. It is easiest to wash them in the sink with water and possibly a little soap. Too often it is actually the shoe sole that smells, which makes it good to wash it by hand for maximum effect. After removing the soles, you can use our shoe odor removes to spray 1-2 times into each shoe. Our odor remover shoes thus begin with active silver particles to remove the bad smell from the shoe.

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