Suede cleaning kit

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To the sneaker-head serious his or her cleaning game! The kit contains the best products available on the market for cleaning of sneakers, at a reasonable price that should suit most bank accounts. Avoid the expensive brands, and get amazing value for your money.

Suede cleaner and KarlsKicks nano protector works on ALL suede-surfaces. Protect your sneakers before going out. That way, they will be much easier to clean afterwards. Watch this video for further explanations on how to use the products:

After receiving the kit, you can start using the products right away. Follow the guidance on the product for the best result.

This kit contains:

1 x KarlsKicks nano protector

1 x Suede Cleaner

1 x Microfiber Cloth

1 x Suede Block

Add a 3-in-1 brush ( or a cleaning sponge ( for maximum effect of the products in this kit.

With normal and regular use, this kit will last approximately 2 months.