About KarlsKicks

KarlsKicks® is a Danish sneaker brand established in a suburb of Copenhagen in 2015 by Karl Faurholt. Before KarlsKicks®, Karl would restore his own old beat-up sneakers. When he posted the first result on social media, he was met with so much positive energy and response that he decided to start his own business. The goal was to transform good old worn sneakers into new, stylish and personal sneakers.

It started small with various simple jobs on very worn shoes, but KarlsKicks® eventually became a well-known brand in Denmark.

Later, Karl started selling high-end sneakers and painted unique customs on brands like Adidas Yeezy 350 and Adidas Ultra Boost.

Karl received a lot of attention, which resulted in articles in newspapers and magazines, including the popular magazine @Euroman and the business newspaper @Børsen.

KarlsKicks® opened a physical store in the centre of Copenhagen in 2018, selling everything from the most hyped high-end sneakers to some of the most spectacular customs in Europe, either as new or second-hand, bespoke, deadstock (DS) or originals (OG).

KarlsKicks® is a supplier of KAPS® Iwata® SneakerFreaker® Angelus® and Molotow® products.

In 2021, we took over the businesses skorens.dk and cleansneaks.dk, with the latter now offering dry cleaning services from Rezet Store's many stores across the country.

Contact us at info@karlskicks.com to get in touch with KarlsKicks®.

To see the greatest customs and follow the daily work of KarlsKicks®, check out our YouTube, Facebook or Instagram @Karlskicks.

/Karl Faurholt

Creative Director & Founder

/Martin Glarvig