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Welcome to Karls Kicks’ online sneaker store! Karls Kicks is a Danish brand established back in 2015 by the Dane Karl Faurholt. The brand has its origins in Copenhagen, and to this day we do not only have our online sneaker store – we also have a physical sneaker shop in Copenhagen. Since 2015 out brand has grown and grown, and to a point where we now have a website in both English and Danish. You might be wondering what we are selling? If you haven’t already guessed it – we are selling awesome, custom sneakers that are completely unique and extremely cool. We actually sell some of the most popular sneakers from some of the world’s most popular sneaker brands like Nike and Adidas. And for that reason, we also guarantee that you will find a pair of sneakers here at our online sneaker store that you will fall in love with. So, you want to roll with the cool kids? Then you have to get yourself some custom Karls Kicks sneakers. Explore our many unique sneakers her at our online sneaker store!

Create your own sneaker design with our high quality sneaker paint

Besides our custom-made sneakers, we also sell everything you need to keep your sneakers squeaky clean. For that reason, you will find everything from maintenance to cleaning. In other words, all the essential products you will need to keep your new sneakers nice and clean. If you’re interested in designing and creating your own sneaker design, you are also able to do so here at our online sneaker store. Explore our great selection of sneaker paint that you can take home with you, so you will be able to paint your new sneakers in the exact design that you want. We offer different colors and different types of sneaker paint, so you’re able to paint your favorite pair of sneakers.

We will make your favorite sneakers shine bright again

On a completely different note, you’re also able to bring new life to your old, worn out sneakers here at our online sneaker store. At our online sneaker store, we offer to give your favorite sneakers some love. So, if have some old sneakers in your collection that you absolutely love, but that are completely worn out, we will fix them to a point where they look completely new again. In other words, we will make your favorite sneakers shine bright again – and who doesn’t want that for their favorite sneakers?

High quality service and express delivery

We, at Karls Kicks, want nothing more than to make you happy. For that reason, we always offer high quality service and express delivery. Likewise, our customer service are always ready to help! So, if you buy some sneaker maintenance or sneaker paint her at our online sneaker store, we will make sure to help you in the best way possible. Furthermore, we are always prepared to help you, if you are in doubt about a specific product or a specific kind of sneaker design. Our only wish is that you bring home the right sneaker maintenance and sneaker paint that you need to create the perfect pair of sneakers.

If you have any questions, you can therefore contact our customer service here at our online sneaker store for help and guidance. Call us on +45 28 93 53 75 or write us an email at info@karlskicks.com – we will look forward to hearing from you!