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Angelus Leather Paint Basics Kit

€47,95 EUR

Unleash your creativity with Angelus Leather Paint Basics Kit. Perfect for beginners and experienced artists alike, this kit contains high-quality acrylic leather paints designed to customize sneakers and other leather goods. Start your custom project with confidence using our durable, flexible and vibrant paints to bring your vision to life. Angelus Leather The Paint Basics Kit is your go-to solution for all your leather craft needs, ideal for transforming old or new sneakers and other leather items into unique masterpieces.

Included in this kit:

Five 29,5ml. Acrylic leather paint: black, white, red, yellow and blue
Five different brushes
One 29,5ml. Leather preparer & Deglazer

Recommended products (not included):

Duller - Reduces gloss when mixed with paint.
2-Soft - Keeps paint soft when painting fabrics.
2-Thin - Thins paint for airbrush use
Acrylic Finisher - Finishing topcoat that adds an overall gloss.

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