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Sneakers - The Complete Limited Editions

€34,95 EUR

This successor to the classic Sneakers: The Complete Collectors 'Guide is a global study and reference guide to the very best and most hiped collectibles in limited edition of sneaker design released over the past decade.

Sneakers - The Complete Collectors' Guide is a phenomenal success and an important influence on the transformation ofsneaker, collected from underground subculture to a regular business of several billion dollars. After the publication of this book, sneaker brands began to re -release classic designs and create shoes that would encourage the second wave of collection: limited editions and collaboration between the brands, invited artists, designers, musicians and cultural icons.

This successor shows the very best of this new sneaker-Culture with more than 300 designs arranged by brand. Every sneaker is accompanied by informative text and a 'data' box with edition, package, year released, original purpose, technology and optional equipment.

This book is important for both hardcore sneaker freak and the first time collector, and it also attracts and seduces fashion and design fans.
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