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Penetrating Dye - Black Sole Colour

€12,95 EUR

Avoid the color of your black custom soles cracking!
Penetrating dye works on plastic, leather, boost material and a lot of other materials.

How to use:
Penetrating dye must be added as a basic color for the soles.
Apply penetrating dye to the area you want painted.
After drying, the sole is painted with black sneaker paint for a matte effect (goo.gl/zwnwac).

The paint will penetrate the material and after drying it does not peel off.

Be careful when applying penetrating dye. Clothes, furniture or even skin - it's almost impossible to get the color off when something has been in contact with penetrating dye.

1 bottle of 50 ml. is enough for about 10 dyeing.

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