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Rainbow to Shoes (Rain Cover)

€9,95 EUR

Rain covers for shoes that protect against dirt and dirt.



Rainbow to Shoes (Rain Cover)

With our rain covers for shoes, you can be sure not to get dirty or wet shoes when the sun is not shining. They protect against water and dirt. Perfect for situations where you are not prepared for a sudden change in the weather. Super easy to use - just put them on your favorite shoes and you're ready to go. The specially designed sole prevents sliding on wet surfaces. Their small size allows you to take them everywhere.


NOTE. They come in Random colors The selection is as follows: black, white, dark blue, lila, yellow, orange, green, pink, advice and light blue.

Available in 4 different sizes

SMALL (30-33)

Medium (34-38)

Large (39-42)

XL (43-48)


To make a long story short:

  1. Protects shoes from Svavs and Water
  2. Super easy to use
  3. Special designed sole prevents slipping
  4. You can have them with everywhere
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