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Shoe sole Relax to Children (Footbow and Svang Support)

€16,95 EUR

Supporting shoe sole for children who help with foot and walk problems through a strong and persistent footbow support and swing support.

Our shoe sole Relax to children remedies and supports a longitudinal and transverse flat foot. They support the longitudinal arch on the foot. The arch support helps with the distribution of the pressure in the front of the sole.

The shoe sole protects your feet and reduces significantly microst wood that appears when the heel touches hard surfaces. They are especially recommended for people who often stand or go to work.


To make a long story short:

  1. Ensures a comfortable and is recommended to anyone who is struggling with foot and walking problems.
  2. Prevents smelling bacteries from multiplying.
  3. Sparing your feet from micro
  4. Good foot arc and swing support


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