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Nike Dunk Low White/Grey

€205,95 EUR

Another nice Nike SB Dunk model.

The Nike Dunk is a series of sneakers released by Nike since 1985. It was originally released as a basketball shoe. Due to its popularity especially in the skating community, it led to the creation of a variant used for skateboarding, here the SB dunk. Nike dunks are offered today as low, mid and high models.

Originally called the College Color High, the sneaker was designed by Peter Moore and took elements from the Air Jordan 1, Nike Terminator and Air Force 1. The sneaker was popular when it was first released, in part due to the different colorways that were released . These were created to represent the different colors of universities and their basketball teams.
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sneaker cleaning 101

How to clean all types of shoes



How do I protect my sneakers?

Would you like to maintain your sneakers so they last longer? Then KarlsKicks Nano Protector is the product for you! Spray your sneakers with three coats of Nano Protector and let them dry for 20 minutes. After that, your sneakers water and dirt repellent for up to three weeks. When the effect wears off, give them a clean and simply spray them again with three coats. The product can be used on all materials. Even bags and outerwear can be sprayed with KarlsKicks Nano Protector!

KarlsKicks Nano Protector can be purchased here

How do I remove salt deposits from my sneakers?

Snow and frost can be cozy in winter, but unfortunately often lead to over-salting which affects our sneakers with white salt deposits. Have you had an accident this winter while wearing your favorite sneakers? Then De Salter from KarlsKicks can be of great help!

The product is designed to remove even the toughest salt deposits on soles and uppers.

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How do I remove bad odors from my shoes? sneakers?

Bad smell in sneakers is usually caused by shoes that have been damp and have not been allowed to dry quickly enough. It can also occur if you do not use socks in your shoes. sneakers to transport and absorb sweat from your feet. It can be a really bad combination and very difficult to remove the odor 100%, but with the right products and practices, it can be done.

Start by cleaning your sneakers thoroughly both inside and out. Also take out the sole and clean the underside if possible. Make sure that your sneakers are bone dry within a maximum of eight hours after cleaning, otherwise new odors may appear in the form of mold. Next, spray the inside and insole with KarlsKicks shoe deodorizer. The product is designed to remove bad odors and kill bacteria, so it's not just a fragrance freshener! After an effective cleaning and removal of bacteria, you can put scented balls in your sneakers. This will keep them fresh and fragrant for a long time!

See our socks and fragrance products here:

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How do I prepare my sneakers before I paint on them?

Before you paint on your sneakersfor a custom or restore project, it is important that the leather is prepared, cleaned and the surface treatment removed. This applies to us if your sneakers are brand new!

It is crucial for the durability of your work that you clean the leather with Acetone or our Sneaker prepare primer cleaner on a cotton pad! If you don't do this, the paint will not last. It will peel off quickly and the result will not be satisfactory.

Be careful with the use if the leather on your sneakers is painted - paint on the leather will dissolve and details may be lost. If in doubt, come by the shop for our recommendation or help.

Buy our Sneaker preparations here

How to remove marks and discoloration on the sole that cannot be removed by cleaning?

Here acetone is your best friend to remove tough marks and stains on plastic, rubber and leather. But be careful! Acetone removes color easily and in a few cases can damage the material of your sneakers. So test carefully before going all in with this chemical. Acetone can be bought cheaply in Matas or a DIY store.

How do I avoid creases?

Shoe polish is the best product you can use against creases and creases in your sneakers. If you want extra protection, you can use Sneaker shields, also known as crease protectors. However, crease protectors do not fully replace shoe wood. We would therefore recommend that you buy a set of shoe wood together with a set of Sneaker shields for the optimal protection of your favorite sneakers.

Can I put my sneakers in the washing machine?

sneakers in fabric can in most cases be washed in the washing machine with good results. sneakers in other materials can also be machine washed, but you need to be more careful as it can damage your sneakers.

Take out the soles and laces beforehand and wash them together with your shoes. sneakers and a couple of towels in the same color to avoid damage when the washing machine spins, or put them in a separate laundry bag.

Use a smaller amount of detergent than usual and wash only your sneakers at a maximum of 30 degrees. Higher temperatures can damage the materials and there is a particular risk of the glue on the sole disintegrating.

Never dry them in the dryer! But make sure your shoes dry as soon as possible afterwards. They should be crisp dry within a maximum of eight hours to avoid any odors. If your sneakers have become soiled and smelly, it can be difficult to get rid of it again.

When your sneakers are washed, it's extra important to protect them as they are otherwise very vulnerable. Buy our Nano Protector for optimal protection of the surface of your sneakers here


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